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How Does It Work?


First off, please do not be afraid to travel alone. I will do my best to get you a roommate. There is usually the possibility of a single supplement. And, if you are shy you can sit by me and dive with me.

I will notify you by email that a trip will be released on a specific date and time. Usually, I have most or all the trip information in the email, but it will always lead you back to the website. The page about the trip will tell you what is included and what is not included. At the time specified; I will make the BOOKING link active. You click the link. It brings up the booking form page. You fill out your booking form and send it to me.  If you have PDF capabilities, you can fill it out online. If not, you will have to print it, sign it, and send me a clear picture of your form.


Once you fill out the paperwork and send it back you have completed everything. Within about 24-48 hours I will let everyone know if you got a space on the trip or if you are on the waiting list.

I'm told the experience is like a Rock Concert. 


These trips have an extremely high return rate. There is a deadline for every trip. You snooze, you lose! Usually, there are only 30 spaces available and the trip always fills up fast. The fastest sellout to date is 28 minutes! Yes, the entire trip sold out in 28 minutes.

Giant Octopus
Scuba diving adventure trips for the LGBTQIA+ community, friends, and family.
Gay SCUBA Week travels only to countries where being gay is legal. 
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