Free Online Plays

At a time when we are all watching more television and film than normal I am asking everyone to support a little theater in Manhattan by watching their online plays.
TBTB is doing a playmaker series written for the Zoom medium. They will do one 10-15 minute short play every night starting Monday, May 25th through Sunday, May 31th.
They stream live at 7:30 PM EDT on YouTube and 8:15 PM EDT on Facebook.
Carlos and I are in the one on Thursday, May 28th.
Click either link to get to the platform the night of.
(Note: On YouTube, once you are on the page click the Video Tab. You will see Streaming when it starts.)

Play Guide:

Monday, May 25 — LOVE IN THE TIME OF CORONA OR WEDDING BELL BLUES by Anita Hollander (Director: Nicholas Viselli)  Cast:  Sofiya Cheyenne, Anita Hollander


Tuesday, May 26 — THE COMFORT ROOM by Kathryn Grant (Director: Ann Marie Morelli)  Cast:  David Harrell, Pearl Rhein

Wednesday, May 27 — A DIVINE COMEDY by Fareeda Ahmed (Director: Nicholas Viselli)  Cast:  Kiera Allen, J. Martin McDonough, Ann Marie Morelli


Thursday, May 28 — GLORIA FIRMAMENT by Jeff Tabnick (Director: Richard M. Rose)  Cast:  Scott Barton, Richard Lear, Nick Walther, Carlos Ponton


Friday, May 29 — THE NETHER REALMS:  SOIL — CHAPTER 2, THE SHEPHERD DREAMS OF ANYTHING BUT WAR by Nico Grelli  (Director: Kristin Heckler) Cast:  Samantha Debicki, Stuart Green, Pamela Sabaugh, Jack Sims


Saturday, May 30 — PRESENCE by Sofya Levitsky-Weitz (Director: Everett Quinton)  Cast:  Alyssa Chase, Bree Klauser, Melissa Jennifer Gonzalez, Melanie Portsche


Sunday, May 31 — MY FUNNY QUARANTYNE by Stuart Green (Director: Richard M. Rose)  Cast:  Alyssa Chase, J. Martin McDonough, Everett Quinton

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