Maui, Hawaii

11/6- 1/13/2021

Can you imagine riding to your dive site and seeing humpbacks breach numerous times every day? Can you imagine hearing those humpbacks sing the second your ears drop beneath the water's surface? Can you imagine diving with 12' manta rays? Can you imagine yourself sharing this with your community and friends?

If watching the sun dip into the ocean is your way of finishing your day, this is the trip for you.



Socorro Vortex

01/8 -  01/16/2022

The Socorro Vortex pledges to cater to the most sophisticated & demanding divers by offering the finest in luxury Liveaboard scuba diving. You will receive the highest quality dive experience for the lucky few! Luxury diving is followed by topside elegance plus unmatched and personalized service. Gourmet dining with a complimentary selection of the best Baja California beer and wine.......




01/19 - 01/23

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Maui, Hawaii November 6-13, 2021 - $2,599 - Gay-Away Plan Available

If you can imagine seeing humpbacks breach numerous times on every boat ride to your dive site, you can imagine Maui. If you can imagine hearing the whales the second your ears drop underwater until the second you surface, you can imagine Maui. If you can imagine 12' manta rays, you can imagine Maui.

If watching the sun dip into the ocean is your way of finishing your day, this is the trip for you.

Socorro Vortex Liveaboard Yacht 1/8-16/2022 - Gay-Away Plan Available

January 08, 2022

PADI Highlights List






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Belize TBD

I have been wanting to go to Belize for some time now. They repealed their anti-gay laws in 2016 and I think that should be supported. Watch for this.

Cozumel - Park Royal TBD

Cozumel is always a great destination. The diving is easy and at the Park Royal the food and drinks are abundant.

Watch for this trip.

Curacao TBD

Not only is Curacao a great dive destination, but there is actually a gay nightlife on the island. I am looking to make this a trip something completely different for Gay Scuba Week. Their pride is in September. I thought it would be great to march in their parade.

Details to come.

Santa Cruz, Galapagos - TBD

This is the trip of a lifetime. Imagine seeing the land turtles and sea turtles, or watching the Galapagos sharks that are as big as Bull sharks swim past you and sea lions coming right up to your mask. At the open air fish market the sea lion waits patiently as the butcher fillets the fish, never once grabbing a fish and running. The pelicans stand waiting for scraps as the frigatebirds hover above with their 7 foot wingspan. Imagine swimming in Las Grietas, a place to swim in cool ocean water between two tall cliffs that is as calm as pond. That is the Santa Cruz, Galapagos.

Galapagos Sky - TBD

If you want the diving experience of a lifetime this is it. During 7 days of diving in 2017 on 5 separate occasions we saw Whale sharks. There we so many Hammerheads I stopped counting at 14. It looked like a dump truck had dropped off a load of eels and starfish. The sea lions were so playful I kept laughing underwater. The aquatic iguanas were piled on top of each other. We saw penguins and a Mola Mola, which is the weirdest fish I have seen to date. When we got out of the water we were greeted with hot cocoa or tea. We were handed our warm towel as we stepped out of the warm outdoor shower. We were pampered beyond expectation.

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