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Cabo San Lucas
December 3-10, 2022

How would you like to slow things down in the Mexican sunshine? This is the trip for you! Join me and your fellow LGBTQIA+ divers, family, and friends in Cabo San Lucas as we enjoy this charming, small hotel. Our diving plan is spectacular, including Gordo Banks and Cabo Pulmo.

What marine life have you been longing to see? Marine life in Cabo in December includes Whitetip Reef Sharks, Bull Sharks, and Hammerheads. We should see Mobula, Humpback Whales, Marlins, Dolphin, Sea Lions, and See Turtles to name just a few. The list of possible sightings is even longer. My hope is to finally see a humpback underwater!


When we aren't diving we can hang out in the pool, visit The Glass Factory, ride camels on the beach, or just take in the beauty of Cabo. Each room has a small kitchenette to hold your favorite food or beverage. Our hotel is within easy walking distance to the marina, shopping, and restaurants.

This Trip Includes:
  • 7 Nights Accommodations

  • 5 Days Diving

  • Cabo San Lucas Marine Park - 2 Tanks

  • The Corridor - 2 Tanks

  • Cabo Pulmo Day Trip - 2 Tanks

  • Gordo Banks - 2 Tanks

    • Gordo Banks depends on dive ability

  • Cabo San Lucas Marine Park - 2 Tanks

  • Transfers to and from diving

  • Arrival Dinner

  • Departure Dinner

  • Breakfast

Not Included:
  • Air Transportation

    • Airport Code - SJD

  • Airport Transfers​

  • Tips 

  • Personal Items

  • Gear Rental

  • Environmental Tax 33.68 pesos per day

    • Approx. $1.70 U.S.​

Family Studio- $1,460 PP

Gay-Away Plan - $365/month after deposit

$365 Deposit Per Person

Non-Diver - $699 PP

Gay-Away Plan - $133/month after deposit

$300 Deposit Per Person

Single Supplement $400

All Prices Based on Double Occupancy

Underwater Scuba Diving

The Gay-Away Plan Explained:

Let's Say Your Example Trip Costs $1,300

The Deposit for this Example Trip is $300.


That Leaves a Balance of $1,000.


There are 10 Months Until this Example Trip.

You do not have to be LGBTQIA+ to go on a trip. You just have to be an ally. You also do not have to be a diver. Non-divers are always welcome.

Scuba diving adventure trips for the LGBTQIA+ community, friends, and family.
Gay SCUBA Week travels only to countries where being gay is legal. 
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