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Gay-Away Plan

This trip is about inclusion. I do not want anyone to feel they are precluded from coming on an amazing trip because of price. I created the Gay-Away plan to make it possible with the least amount of strain to the wallet.

After you make your deposit for the trip you will pay monthly payments until the trip is paid in full with no interest.

There are cut-off dates so the earlier you book the easier it is on your bank account.

See you on the ocean floor.


Buoyancy Control
Gay Safe Travel

In an effort to create a safe environment for everyone I cannot in good conscience go to a location where it is against the law to be gay.

As my guideline I use the ILGA's annual report on what they call State Sponsored Homophobia.

Please use this guide in choosing your own travel destinations. The only way we will have worldwide equality is by putting our money in the hands of people who support our community, not those who do not.



Great Friends! Great Diving!

for Men and Women

Richard LearMy name is Richard Lear and I founded Gay SCUBA Week to create a sense of community that did not involve a bar or a circuit party.  I am a firm believer that giving someone a task allows personalities to come through.  When it is a task you are looking forward to and you have the opportunity to share it with members of your community, lifelong friendships are made.  Friendship is what Gay SCUBA Week is about.

Our first trip was in 2004 to Grand Cayman.  We were the first gay group to visit after Tony Blair overturned the island’s anti-gay laws.  Not only were we well received, but the trip was a hit too.  Since then we have been to Hawaii, Saba, Bonaire, Roatan, Fiji, and more.

I always make sure it is legal to be gay anywhere we travel. I do not feel it is acceptable to give money to a country where being gay is illegal. (I am not referencing anti-sodomy laws.) I have been told by travel agents and even heads of one country's embassy: "It won't apply to you." My response was: "What about my gay brothers and sisters that live in your country."

Requirements to participate:

  1. A genuine desire to make friends
  2. Love of SCUBA
  3. Desire to learn to SCUBA
  4. Being an Athletic Supporter of a diver
  5. No Attitude Allowed

The trip originated with 24 guys in Grand Cayman.  It has grown way beyond its origination with as much as a 56% return rate with men and women. There is no physical requirement, gender requirement or age limit to attend. Everyone is welcome. And I do mean everyone.

Some important items from your organizer

This is not a circuit party, sex fest, drug fest or anything of the sort.  Diving is not conducive to drug use.  When you get your certification you will be advised about alcohol intake as well. This trip is about community and making friends, and of course Diving.

How it works

PoolSend me your contact information below to be on the mailing list.  All of the details and links for each trip are in the right column. If you want to book the trip or find out the details click the name of the location.

You will be responsible for booking your flight if it is not included in the trip price, which will be clearly stated in the trip information.

You are responsible for your own happiness on the trip.  That means you need to research the location of the trip for things to do.  It is likely that many people will want to join you if you mention the activity.  Or, if you want to go on your own you can do that too.

This trip has an extremely high return rate. There is a deadline for every trip.  You snooze, you lose!  Usually there are only 30 spaces available and the trip always fills up fast. The fastest to date is 28 minutes! Yes, the entire trip sold out in 28 minutes.

To find out how to be part of the trip sign up for the mailing list.

Get more info or just stay in the loop

Complete the following information and I will put you on my mailing list.  There are over 800 people on my mailing list so please do not hesitate. These trips always fill very quickly. Your information will not be used, sold or SPAMMED.

Thanks again.

See you on the ocean floor,


STOP!!!!! You must put in a full name and a working phone number, preferably a cell number in case I have to contact you during a flight to a trip, to be on the mailing list.

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